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2012-12-02 08:17 pm

Update 12/2/12

Built a new computer that completely runs on Ubuntu. Nothing of Windows here except for a few applications and games that I've gotten running on the Wine compatibility layer.

Plans for 11th Hazard has been stalled, but in the meantime I've joined San's RPG along with Alex. Aside from a few rough spots, it has been good so far.


It ticks me off every time I hear someone say that Linux can never become a gaming platform. The OS is far more efficient then Windows and takes up fewer resources. Valve has proven this much already, and as the drivers for Linux improves, thanks to Valve's pressure, so does performance. Linux performance is already greater then that of Windows on the games they ported over.

Once the gaming masses realize that games get better performance on Linux, I'm not going to be surprised if there is a long overdue exodus from Windows. All it takes is Valve to really emphasize how much better their games are on Linux, and maybe make all future games timed exclusives to Linux.
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2012-08-08 04:21 pm

Gone Ubuntu.

I know it has been a while since my last post here.

Digital Dive kicked the bucket. Been coming for a long time. No further Comment.

Been playing around with Ubuntu as my main OS for a while now. In fact, I used it so much, I couldn't find a reason to stick with the bloated monstrosity that is M$ Windows. Well other then games, but Valve is working on that. And there is Desura. Helena the 3rd is a blast if a bit bland looking after a while.

So Windows 7 is gone from my computer, and Ubuntu has taken it's place. Maybe, big maybe, sometime down the line if M$ gets it's act together I'll take a look at Windows again. Though, I have a feeling that may never happen.
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2009-11-13 07:12 pm

Phantasy Star Zero

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Phantasy Star Zero is a great game, and I think you should buy it to if you haven't already.

My PSZ friend code is: 4597-9555-7768

I hope to see you online some time!
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2009-05-15 08:28 pm

Fritz Lang's Metropolis rescored by The New Pollutants

The movie Metropolis is probably the only silent movie I will ever love. It's story is timeless; its themes eternally relevant. It is beautifully done even by today's standards. I recommend that everyone see this movie at least once in their lives. Currently there is a "Rescoreing" of this movie available on Youtube here:

It is set to a more modern dramatic music, allowing it to be more easily viewed by a modern audience. Because some of the symbolism may not easily be grasped and that this movie has some adult content, I recommend adult supervision.
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2008-07-15 04:10 pm
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I had a tooth removed to day. Thankfully one of my wisdom teeth will come up from behind and replace it.  Also a package that had I ordered came finally to day. So as a consolation, I now get to play a game that I have been wanting since 1996, Nights.
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2008-07-08 12:47 am
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Computer Advice Part 1

This is just advice I have collected over the years.

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2007-12-07 02:42 am

Rant: Why Sega Saturn games can be on the Virtual Console.

Many people have stated that CD Media games can not be ported over to the Virtual Console. I believe the exact opposite. I'll list an argument against this, and shoot it down. Then list another possible argument and then take it down as well.

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2007-11-27 10:42 pm
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Fragile: Farewell Ruins of the Moon

Finally, the real games are starting to come out, not to say there haven't been any good ones so far.

Fragile is an "RPG" in development by Namco Bandai for the Nintendo Wii. Read more... )
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2007-11-27 04:00 am
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The most evil mario game ever.

Think of the most difficult game you have ever played, now multiply its difficulty factor by ten. Now you have some Idea just how hard Kaizo Mairo is. In fact, that might not be enough.

The first level video is located here:

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2007-10-10 08:28 am
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Nintendo Wii entry, and RP journal update.

What makes this entry diffrent from others is that this was done on my Nintendo Wii. Big deal huh? Well it is to me, because I didn't need to use the annoying Wiimote to type this out. USB Keyboards )
possible improvements ) RP Journal )
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2007-09-16 03:12 am
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Learning the NES ropes.

I am a proud new owner of a working used NES.  I am also learning the frustrations that come with an NES.

Here are a few things I have learned about the system:

My NES has brought the challenge system maintenance to a whole new level. What the hell where you thinking Nintendo? I have not had this much trouble with a system since the Dreamcast!
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2007-08-26 04:16 am
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Just because I feel obligated to post in my new journal

If anyone here does pass by my journal, please answer me this:
Best place to go get userpics, and what are the general rules involved with them?