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This is just advice I have collected over the years.

Avoid AOL programs like they are the plague. AOL programs like to make themselves just a little too at home in your system. Once installed they are VERY difficult to completely remove. There are other programs that will let you connect to AIM, like Pidgin, or Meebo that are safer. Using an alternative client not only prevents AOL from screwing with your computer, but also helps protect against IM viruses aimed at the main clients. This same advice goes for Yahoo, and MSN as well. Alternative clients frequently support additional protocols as well, allowing you to do all your instant messaging from one program.

Pay attention to what your installing. Don't just pick up a program at a random website. Before downloading, check around the web to see if anyone else has anything to say about it, for instance, check Wikipedia. See if the program's site has an active forum, or part of an open source project like Fire Fox, Gimp, or Pidgin. You can also check to see if the program is safe. If all else fails, go with your gut. If the site doesn't feel right don't download.

While installing, make sure to pay attention to what is being installed. This is how those annoying bars on your browser suddenly show up. Instead of just clicking your way as fast as you can on the "Next>>" button, look carefully at each page. Not only can you make sure only what you want installed is installed, but you may even be able to add features to the program.


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