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Many people have stated that CD Media games can not be ported over to the Virtual Console. I believe the exact opposite. I'll list an argument against this, and shoot it down. Then list another possible argument and then take it down as well.

"Sega Saturn games are more then five hundred megabytes in size." The problem with this argument is the person making it is observing the storage capacity of the the media and not the actual game. Many Sega Saturn games are under a hundred megabytes, with cd tracks making up the rest of CD. The following is listed in order from greatest to least amount of space taken; FMV, voice acting, music, textures, model data, and game engines. If you cut out the FMV and voice acting, you shrink the game considerably.

"But I don't want that cut out." Thanks to the need to send large amounts of data quickly, you don't have to. Compression technology has matured enough that it can shrink what once took up a CD and compress it down to forty megabytes, easily. This has been done with Resident Evil 2, MegaMan Legends (MegaMan 64), Resident Evil (Resident Evil DS) and many more.

"What about large multi-disc games?" When dealing with such games, most of the time you can gut allot of what is on the discs proceeding disc one. Why can you do this? well allot of the data is just copied directly from disc one. The reason you can still access the same areas from disc one is not because it is being read magically from disc one, but because main game is on all the discs. Thats why you can get "SUPER AWESOME SWORD OF THE CHIBIES" in disc one even though you should not be able to get it until disc three.

"The Sega Saturn is difficult as hell to emulate." So was the Nintendo 64. Sega knows their system better than anyone, and they already have a working emulator that they sell in japan.

"Releasing Sega Saturn games on the Wii will kill the value of the real games." Cry me a river. I do not care if you can't sell your over priced copy of Panzer Dragoon because it was released on the Virtual Console.

"The majority of the best Sega Saturn games were released in Japan." Did you know that Sin and Punishment was "imported" to the American Virtual Console?

With this, I end this little rant. Stay tuned for, "why it is legal for, but why Nintendo won't, put PlayStation games on the Virtual Console."


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