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I am a proud new owner of a working used NES.  I am also learning the frustrations that come with an NES.

Here are a few things I have learned about the system:

1. Clean it, and clean it often.
2. Rubbing  alcohol is your best friend, despite what the back of the cartridge says.
3. If the game came from a shop that knows it's stuff, you don't have to worry about corrosion.
4. If the game came from a place like Game Stop, or the like, check before inserting game.
5. If the game came form a pawn shop, prepare to clean it for at least an hour before playing it.
6. If it came from a friend, get out the moonshine,  get out a book on exorcism.  Clean for at least seven hours with the moonshine, and cast out the demon of blinking, before even thinking of putting that filthy thing in the NES.
7. If your system starts to blink, it is not the the end of the world, just means you will be struggling to clean it for the next two days.
8. A bottle of rubbing alcohol, q-tips, and a spare mario/duckhunt game is better then any cleaning kit anywhere.

My NES has brought the challenge system maintenance to a whole new level. What the hell where you thinking Nintendo? I have not had this much trouble with a system since the Dreamcast!
(I have been spared the horror that was the PS2)


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